This one definitely worth the note. We have been investigating many times how to add SMS support to our web services (which you will see soon), but things looked quite complicated and expensive, each time we ended up changing our mind. But thanks to guys at Arctic Startup, now we know a nice, easy and free way to add SMS support to any web service using an S60 device and very simple logic: FromSMS from an Estonian startup FromDistance.

When your web application needs to send and/or receive SMS messages cost-efficiently, FromSMS is the solution for you. FromSMS offers a simple HTTPS POST interface for sending of SMS messages – all you need is an S60 mobile device with free FromSMS Client installed.
FromSMS supports multiple virtual device support, in case your S60 device, internet connection or something else start to suck. This is not free of charge, however would worth the price as reliability in return.

We will check this out and write our experience. Basically looks like what we need is an unlimited SMS plan, an S60 device plugged in to charge, a WLAN network and an account on the service. But we should investigate this more in details and test the security, reliability and usability of this service.