A good news for Flash Lite landscape (better for European and the best for Mobitween people); Mobitween acquired by Zed.

What this means? One single line tells a lot;

Zed says Java and Brew, on which most mobile games are built require significant resource to port each game or application to a growing number of mobile handsets, but that Flash Lite will become a prevailing technology platform for games for handheld devices as it has established itself as the defacto standard in the online world.

As the story told; one steps in others run. It’s not easy to sell Flash Lite business to investors; or to find investors who can see the potential (because there are no good metrics or success stories yet). But a big corporation in mobile content business taking the first step will make others decide easier. You know VCs have deep pockets and short arms.

Now let’s see how things proceed. Although amount was not disclosed; I expect to see Philippe in Carribeans for his next vacation 😉

Mobitween, Zed