Today; I would like to make the introduction of a new innovation. I don’t use ‘innovation’ word to be cool or look corporate; I really mean it. I will try to make the value proposition in 3 short steps;

  1. Flash Lite developers have to pack their content for distribution
  2. Packaging is a hassle for developers on Windows, and impossible for Mac & Linux users
  3. SWFPack is a novel online service offering a cross platform, zero-install and easy to use Web 2.0 solution.

Yes, yet another innovation from Kuneri (like KuneriLite and KISS60). No installation, no prerequisites, no Windows jail, no SDKs, no set up struggles, no waiting, no payment.. Give your SWF file, SWFPack prepares your SIS file in a second. Can not be simpler; can not be faster; can not be easier.

SWFPack is scheduled to be released on 23rd October if everything goes fine. We just wanted to give a short introduction with a little sneak peek. Please check out current features and screenshots below, and we will be very happy to receive your feelings and even early feature requests 😉


  • Cross Platform (Online; works on any modern browser)
  • No installation
  • Fast ( 1-2 seconds to compile )
  • Easy (Web 2.0 UI)
  • Cheap (Free, just sign up)


  • S60 3.x compatible SIS files (Cab, NFL WRT Widget support on the way)
  • Works with Adobe Flash Lite Player 1.x, 2.x or 3.x
  • Supports Flash Lite Developer Edition player
  • Automatic signing of SIS with certification valid for next 15-years
  • Supports Symbian Signed Certification: Open Signed, Certified Signed and Express Signed
  • Full S60 compatible (functionality and user experience)
  • Enhanced memory management
  • Content protection: protects application from accidental deletion and malicious use
  • Supports Flash Lite 2.x compatible only applications
  • Automatic application launch at phone start-up (upcoming)