I came across to this: Unveiling the Japanese Mobile Market. It gives an overall picture of Japanese mobile market where mobile Internet usage is more popular than on the PC with reveled me some interesting details;

– Japanese mobile content market is 3.8 billion dollar, while the mobile commerce market is 6.6 billion.

– Japanese 3G connections can offer up to 7.2Mbps, while DoCoMo (biggest operator) is playing around with 1Gbps (4G).

– World’s first 3G connection is launched in Japan in 2001

– 90% of Japanese people have 3G or 3.5G devices, and older devices are not sold anymore.

– More than 80% of devices have Flash Lite player

Looks like Japan is an ideal condition as a mobile world. There are many things we can learn just looking and observing the market, although the culture is quite different than any other country in the world.