Adobe today launched Adobe Creative Suite 4.

Today we launched the new Adobe Creative Suite 4, which represents a massive step forward for the mobile developer.  As part of the Suite, and included with the point products the new Adobe Device Central CS4 includes many new features.

Here is the most interesting part for Flash Lite developers:

  • Online device library
  • Fully automatic publish/update of device profiles
  • Local Library for storing and sharing the profiles that interest you
  • Project enabled – ready for working in teams
  • Task SDK for automation and for Mobile Packaging
  • Send your content by Bluetooth to your device or by FTP
  • Record and create test scripts to run across many devices automatically.
  • Produce test reports with screen shots automatically
  • Video demo recording
  • Improved FLV support
  • Network traffic sniffing
  • Not to forget the nifty Vibrate test

[via Mark]