Dan from Instinct today announced the launch of the first version of their Game Creator product. Games you create using their software works on Flash Lite Enabled Handsets, Playstation Portable and browser.

Now anybody can make games. The game creator enables even the most novice developer the ability to make games! The Game Creator is designed for Individuals, Agencies and the brands they represent.

You can watch Game Creator videos from YouTube on Dan’s channel. It demonstrates well how the system works. There are also sample games created using the software (though couldn’t make it work), worth checking out. You can buy Game Creator, which has a quite reasonable pricing.

Some feature highlights;

* Game Types can be standard Side Scrolling or Side Scrolling with
moving back grounds (for flying games like 1945)
* Characters can Walk, Run, Jump, Climb, Duck (crouch), Shoot
Projectile Weapons, and swing Swords / and make Hand Held attacks
* Enemies can walk towards you. Follow you around. And shoot you.
* There is a Friends System. You can add characters to the game that
talk to you and provide in game information to players.
* Score System
* Shopping System (buy & sell stuff in game)
* Switches & Doors
* Moving Tiles
* The character can look up and down
* Shared Objects
* Level Markers and Registration Points
* Item Spawn and Inventory System