To be honest, I have my eye on N96, but it’s so expensive at the moment and I have reasons to believe the firmware is not mature enough. So have to wait some more time until I win a contest or Nokia behaves gentle enough to gift me one 😉 With all my curiosity, I came across to this N96 & N95 8GB comparison; which I wanted to take couple notes.

* N96 dual slider mechanics and buttons feel less secure than N95

* N96 has an extra physical key guard (keypad lock?) on top

* N96 has MicroUSB instead of MiniUSB. Apparently has advantages to Hardware manufacturer, how about end users? (Damn, cable fragmentation 🙂 )

* Said that N96 has a worse camera button and doesn’t have a gallery button at all (anyone ever used Gallery button?)

* As many people agree N96 has a flip-out camera stand

* N96 build is said to be worse than N95. As I can see, it has N78 feel, which is the one of the worst Nokia industrial design classics.

As I say, I get it if someone gives it as a gift 😉