You have been using VirtualBox, but you don’t need it anymore. Or you need free space as I did. Well, in that case you might want to remove VirtualBox from your Mac. Uninstalling is easy, drag-drop-done, right? Yes it is, but it won’t take long for you to figure something is wrong. Eventhough you removed VirtualBox, not much free space you got back. Next thing, you went to VirtualBox Forums and they told you to look for /Library/VirtualBox directory, or look for VDI files. However, damn, you could not find any?!? Well, welcome to the club 🙂

I had a similar issue and figured out that, after removal, VirtualBox doesn’t erase all files/folders created and also these files and folders are not visible on Finder. What you have to do is simple:

1. Open Terminal

2. Type cd /Users/<user_name>/Library

3. Type ls an see if VirtualBox directory is there (should be)

4. rm -rf VirtualBox

Now you should get the free space you deserve 🙂