When working on Sudoku Master Example for Nokia, I designed a simple touch keypad for number entry to Sudoku cells. In the design, touch keypad highlighted the number ‘over’ the touch point with a zoom effect. Many thought I got ‘inspired’ from iPhone, and questioned the design. However, the reason was simple (so I thought):

The reason for the decision to zoom above the finger is simply because it is the only way to make the number visible for both right- and left-handed people.

Today, I was watching Android G2 video review; and saw that a guy was typing on a virtual keypad and complains (00:45) there is no key highlight at all (which is weird). When I watched little carefully, I could see the highlights popping up on the ‘left’ side of keys. This was a perfect real life example that the key highlights should be on top of a key, not on left, right or bottom. And that’s not because Apple iPhone does it so; but that’s the only right way to avoid such a big FAIL when a left handed guy shoots one of the first reviews of your product 🙂

PS. Phone definitely looks cool