We have been using GoDaddy as our main domain registrar happily since 2005. Recently we wanted to get an European domain with a different top level domain extension, that GoDaddy won’t offer. We came across to EuroDNS and the service looked credible at first sight. Being used to good support we receive from US companies (we have worked with Bluehost, GoDaddy and ServInt so far), I can say that EuroDNS is a total (support) disaster. Problem we had was about DNS, we never have had with GoDaddy or other registrar before.

Here I give you my top 7 reasons why not to use EuroDNS;

EuroDNS will never tell you the exact problem. They will say that there is a problem, give you generic error description and ask you to contact your ISP
EuroDNS will not necessarily read and understand your problem. When I asked that I have a DNS problem for a domain I registered 1 day ago; I was told to pay $25 + 1 year renewal fee in order to reactivate my domain. Because they thought I was talking about an expired domain (don’t ask me why)
EuroDNS will never let you have a conversation. They will simply close a ticket as soon as they answer, and you will need to tell the problem from scratch. Again and again and again.
EuroDNS will not bother giving you a new answer; instead they will copy & paste one of the old answers they gave before (they did that to me 3 times!!)
EuroDNS will not necessarily answer you in English. Do not be surprised if you receive a text in French
EuroDNS will never answer you on weekends. If you somehow have a problem on weekend, you have to wait some days before you get a hold of anyone.
EuroDNS will never approach a problem as their own. If there is a problem, it’s either yours or your ISP’s; as they are perfect

I made a mistake to register a domain with EuroDNS. God knows what further problems I will have, since DNS problem is still open. I will surely share it as my story goes further with them. You, never ever get in there I recommend 🙂