Pikkoo Screensaver WallpaperApparently, Nokia decided to remove screensaver support on Nokia 5800 XPress Music (or S60 5th edition we should say?). As enjoying Flash Lite screensavers seems to be impossible natively, there is a small widget application enabling Flash Lite screensavers on 100 Nokia S60 phone models, including Nokia 5800 XPress music. With this widget application, it’s also possible to get unlimited free screensavers designed by users or yourself.

Below is the step by step guide on how to enable Flash Lite screensavers on S60 3rd and 5th edition devices, such as Nokia 5800 XPress Music or Nokia N73.

1. Download and install Pikkoo Screensaver Manager

2. Browse through screensavers on gallery, or create your own using Pikkoo Themes.

3. Note down the pCode (Pikkoo download code) of the screensaver you like

4. Run Pikkoo Screensaver manager on your phone, goto “Download” menu, enter the pCode code and download

5. Activate the screensaver. Voila!

Now you can enjoy the full power and fun of Flash Lite screensavers on your Nokia 5800 XPress music and many other phone models

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[via Pikkoo blog]